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Welcome to MaryMeltonLA.Com

I just violated one of my editing rules: Dont use Welcome to... in a headline.
Writer and editor Mary Melton on the front stoop of her cabin at the Shack-Up Inn in Clarksdale, Mississippi.
Greeting dusk as I settle into my cabin at the Shack-Up Inn in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Stop by the Stoop

Its hard not to love a front stoop: a place where you can open the door and say hello. Where you can share ideas and worldviews and maybe even a cold drink with family and friends and neighbors and strangers. Where you can be alone with your thoughts on a crisp morning or a muggy afternoon as the world quietly—or, depending on your stoop, noisily—passes you by.

Ive been employed as an editor and writer for a couple of decades now. The last few years, Ive been running my own editorial consulting shop, and have been extremely fortunate to develop close relationships with some wonderful clients, and to work on an always-evolving and diverse number of projects across platforms. The one thing Ive missed from my straight-up magazine days, however, was having a regular forum to sit on the stoop and chat with readers.

Thats why I started up this website—to share stories present and past, and to connect with folks and sit on a symbolic stoop together, one that isnt determined by algorithms or likes, or inhabited with bots and trolls.

What Youre Going to Find Here:

  1. The latest projects, podcasts, and stories Ive got cooking

  2. Upcoming events or appearances, virtual or otherwise

  3. Updates or the occasional deep dive into stories Ive written or edited, or into other stories I admire

  4. Thoughts on the craft of writing and editing and storytelling on any platform (see above: Welcome to...: lazy!)

  5. Best of LA lists about my hometown, and also travel tips for places further afield (see above: the Shack-Up Inn, Clarksdale, MS—highly recommend)

Plus, the Occasional Gallery of Cool Old Stuff...

I descend from a long line of collectors, and have the myriad matchbooks, ephemera, and doo-dads to prove it. Ill be digging through the archive for stuff that may spark the same joy for you as it does for me.

...and Books I Cant Live Without...

Finding the time—and the clear headspace—to read anything other than a headline is a challenge for many right now. I get it. Thats why I wake up early, before my house is up and the day (and the days news) erupts, to make space to read. Books have always enriched my life and broadened my perspective on the world. Ill share some of my favorites here.

...and My Own LA Stories:

A lifetime of living in, and writing about, one of the worlds most compelling, complex, and misunderstood cities has produced a lifetime of stories, many of which Ive yet to tell. Ill be telling some of those here.

Thank you for stopping by—and drop me a line anytime.

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